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Web design for small business and e-commerce CALIFORNIA, USA

We create websites designed for easy management and navigation. All our websites are made under standards for an appropriate web positioning on Google, whether it is an online store, a landing page or a corporate page. We give fast and effective technique support, content management and positioning web strategy for sales increasing of your business and entrepreneurship.

Websites design

We develop your website understanding your company's needs

WordPress Web design:

We develop web pages on the WordPress platform, based on innovative designs and using modules at easy management.
House Studio landing page
How do we design your website?
  1. We take all the information from your company. 
  2. We identify which is the appropriate design for your products and services.  
  3. We analyze trends according to your offer and identity. 
  4. We develop your e-commerce 100 % optimized. 
  5. We prove the correct functionality of your web. 
  6. We deliver your web with an own host and domain.
Your web page will get up to 5 changes and/or edits for specific topics on the proposal design.

What kind of web design projects do we develop?

Website design, Neuromarketing, UX/UI

Web design agency

We create your web page with a creative and professional design, and we conduct an internal study of your company in order to propose the project which will increase your sales.

Some web design features

Mockups of web pages

We research your competitors analyzing the market of your products and/or services, likewise the target. This way, we are able to structure your website based on the UI/UX architecture.

Development and implementation

URL link, CMS set up (WordPress, Joomla o Drupal), images optimization, sections and edits requested by the client.

Start up

We define the actions of each button and contact forms in order to create an accuracy and optimization of the functionality. We develop mobile versions and links to Google Analytics. We also offer training to our clients in content management.

contacto marketing digital

Let’s talk


Let your free consultation below and our team will reach out to you very soon!!!


Web design is focused on the growth or GDD (Growth Driven Design), which is a new practice of mockup of a website. In simple words, this technique is used by for the complete analysis of the user’s behavior. The GDD allows modification of key aspects of interaction and navigability of the visitors on your website, depending of your industry and based on the data analytic from your web page.
First, because the users will find the information of your business in a proper and easy way. Currently, plenty of companies get a website with multiple errors for example, the user doesn’t find the call to action which is fundamental to get the real conversion. Second, because a good website design allows for great communication. Basically, it allows a visual route between your pop-up/banner/ad and your client. Third, it is simple, we are assured that the more accurate and stetic the design is, the more attractive the website is for the client’s eye. This is the starting point to implement the sales strategy.
For starting a website design project the first is to identify the needs of our clients, make a deep analysis about the main goals, and plan the marketing strategies for the caption of leads, impressions, clicks and conversions. In this process, we count with this diagnosis and we develop friendly navigations, with hyperlinks, keywords, objective redaction, professional images and more. The final product is a manageable and pleasant website, with a clean design, thinking for the interactions with the visitors in an optimum and safe way.

Getting a high position into a field takes time and effort. With the content management you will gain advantage over the competitors. Website design is the first step to achieve the engagement with your clients, and the content is the second step to create new channels of communication. Now, there are a number of tools for digital content creation, however, the most important feature of this point is to create unique, exclusive, attractive, clear and direct content, thinking of your clients and the market.

Your business should be positioned in the first place on search of Google, but also to be visible for the right audience, even if they are prospects. With SEO set up your business/company will be shown constantly and you will be ready to reach out to new clients in real time.

A website is crucial for every company because it represents a good background online and improves the presence in the digital world. 

Getting a space on the internet will allow you to promote your business 24/7 no matter the geolocation. 

Your web page is the virtual store of your business on the digital market. Also, your web project is the best summary of your products and services.